Bots Future War 3D


The world might be taken over by the robots in a couple of decades from now. These machines are extremely fast, efficiently good in completing an assigned ambush plane for an onslaught and would take away all the remnant left behind .Isn’t this insane !!!. To finish this insane onslaught, you are assigned this mission against these insane creatures.
Our only hope is this extremely smart Rob Tank, which you are assigned to take over as super hero. They are equipped with some serious and modern multi weapons. This micro-controller tank can change its capability assigned according to problem it faces. It can transform its weapon into guided missile or a powerful grenade and machine gun. If you can handle this Tank properly, you can save yourself and the world from a major onslaught. Don’t let them get hold of any remnant from your planet.
Good luck in shooting down these criminal robots, and come out as a baler from this assigned mission.

How to Play:

  • Use the joy stick control to move and turn
  • Detect robots using Radar before their onslaught.
  • Tap on the fire button to attack these criminally insane creatures.
  • Change your weapon using the weapon button

Game Features:

  • Third Person shooter
  • Excellent 3D Environment
  • Good quality sound effects
  • User friendly GUI and controls
  • Efficient weapon controls & movement
  • Enemy AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Who we are?

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