Jet Air Strike Mission 3D


The daughter of the rich oil businessman from the gulf state has been kidnapped, by some of the gangsters from the Mafia world to the remote Greek islands. The wealthy man hires the services of Expert pilot, who served during the cold war, a specialist in these sorts of encounters.
on the way to destination in his Fighter Jet, he come across unlimited hurdles. Let’s see how he handles his ammunition on the board and his flying skills to come across all these difficulties. He needs your help just to take that sweet little girl back to his dad.

So let’s help this hero on his way, through all our skills and use the necessary weapons according to the situation and let’s finish this dirty world of Mafia from Europe once and for all.
Use this 3D fighter Jet simulator, and fly around the island, hunt down all the enemies with wide range of ammunition available to you. Make good use of the radar and maps provided to you.

How to Play:

  • Move aircraft left/right/up/down with joystick controller
  • Select ammunition from ammunition button on right
  • Ammunition includes: Rocket Missiles, bomb & Bullets
  • Click fire button to fire selected ammunition
  • The ammunition will fill automatically after every 10 sec
  • Target Enemy buildings, camps, vehicles on ground
  • Target Enemy in air
  • Use radar to detect the nearby enemies
  • Check map, check enemy base, fly plane within map boundary
  • Select camera view from top left camera button
  • Camera View includes: Cockpit view & External View

Cool Features

  • Missions to destroy enemy base on ground & in air
  • Easy controls & navigation
  • Realistic aircraft physics
  • Change your view to Cockpit view or external view

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