The Last Commando 3D


You are an army commando assigned on a mission, which is left alone near enemy lines, to keep the public away from their onslaught. Enemy soldiers are walking throughout the city with ak-47. This mission is assigned to you as elite and well trained Commando Officer to show your guts, courage & skills to pass through enemy group and finish their onslaught once and for all. Meanwhile roam around the city, ambush and kill any enemy soldier in your way… do not kill civilian men, women or children, as per the strict instructions in the assigned mission.

The enemies will attack you in no time with ak-47, as they are best in these kinds of onslaught.
You have digital radar which indicates the movement of enemy soldiers. Red dots indicate enemy soldiers on ground and yellow dots indicate enemy snipers on roof top equipped with ak-47.

You are expected to succeed at all costs, and take this onslaught head on.
Wish you good luck and stay safe.

How to Play:

  • Touch & Drag the screen anywhere to move/rotate your gun left, right, up or down
  • Move forward, backward, left or right with joy stick controls
  • Tap Fire button at bottom right to fire any selected weapon
  • Select any weapon during assigned action: Light Machine Gun, Pistol or RPG (Rocket Propelled Gun)
  • For enemy at far distance, use the Telescope for sniper shoot, and stay away from their onslaught.
  • Detect enemy using the radar
  • The weapons will reload itself but keep an eye on the number of bullets …
  • Improve your power using Health box once in each checkpoint except checkpoint 1……
  • Cool Features:

    • FPS (First Person Shooter)
    • Complete City environment
    • Amazing Movie Quality sound effects and sound track
    • Easy GUI and controls
    • Enemy AI
    • Efficient weapon control and selection

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